Sales Information

General Guidelines

Farm Assurance

Due to problems with Farm Assurance the relevant Farm Assurance Sticker which shows your expiry date MUST be put on the yellow movement forms or we will have no alternative but sell your stock as Non-Farm Assured. Responsibility for this is with the vendor

Tagging Requirements

To allow presentation of cattle at market the following tagging rules MUST be complied with

CATTLE – Born before 31.12.97 – one tag with all digits clearly readable
CATTLE – Born 01.01.98 and after – DOUBLE Tagged with the primary yellow tag readable on BOTH sides. Blank backs will result in rejection at the abattoir and non-payment.
SHEEP – All lambs presented for sale after 1st Jan 2011 will require their tags recorded at the point of movement and/or sale. It will be simpler for all concerned for all tags to be electronic batch tags.

FCI Paperwork Requirement

Legislation came into force on 1st January 2010 requiring slaughterhouse operators to ‘Request, Receive, Check and Act Upon’ Food Chain Information (FCI) for all cattle, sheep and goats sent to slaughter for human consumption.

This requirement forms part of the whole farm to fork approach for food safety. FCI is used by the Meat Hygiene Service to aid decisions about meat and may be used to determine inspection procedures. FCI also contributes slaughter house operators HACCP based food safety management systems by providing information about animals procured for slaughter.

The requirement needs declarations from producers to guarantee animal health provisions and will require a form detailing animal identity. We are incorporating the wording of the documents onto our current movement form which are now required for all store, primestock and OTM cattle.
It is essential that an entry form is completed and signed for each category of stock and consignment as we have further paperwork to complete which is reliant upon signed declarations from producers.

For further information please contact the office or David on 07721 616786.

TB Regulations for Cattle Moving into Scotland

As you are no doubt aware Scotland will become a TB Free Area as from 28th February 2010. Scottish buyers will only be able to purchase cattle which comply with the following new regulations –

  1. Cattle from TB1 and TB2 parishes will obviously require testing as they do now.
  2. Cattle from TB3 and TB4 which are homebred will not require testing.
  3. For those who have purchased cows and calves, stirks, calves etc- if any holding which these cattle have previously occupied is currently on a TB1 or TB2 then these individual cattle will require testing regardless of your own holding status. The history of TB areas for that parish is irrelevant. The current TB Parish Status is the decider.

The responsibility lies with you, the vendor, to follow these rules, should you wish the Scottish buyers to bid for your stock. If you have any queries then please contact us.

Lost Tags

It seems there is a new purge on double tags with Trading Standard Officers taking a much firmer line and returning cattle with only one tag. Please ensure all cattle are correctly tagged before coming to market.

Please Note

As from Monday 27th March 2006 cattle over 42 days of age from herds within a 1 or 2 year testing interval must be pre-movement tested within 60 days. Vendors must supply ear tag number to the Mart Office. Cattle consigned to Tuesday dedicated slaughter sales are exempt from this rule.

Prime Stock Sales

Tuesday Primestock Sales at Wigton Auction Mart
We would appreciate it if you could advise us of entries of stock by 4.00pm on the Monday before the sale so that the buyers can be advised accordingly.
All sheep must be accompanied by AML1 licence form.

Prime Sheep Tagging

We are pleased to sell your sheep with electronic tags. Movements of sheep must be recorded and so electronic tags make this process much simpler with a record for both the vendor and the purchaser.

All different flock numbers must be recorded on your AML1 Movement Licence together with numbers of each. However if electronic tags are used we can do this for you.

Remember – Yellow Tags = Electronic = Less work for everyone

Store Cattle Sales

Sales of store and beef breeding cattle are held on Thursdays fortnightly.
Also sales of dairy cattle & calves.
Entries for these sales close the Friday before the sale at 10am.

Sales of Weaned Calves and Stirks (under 10 mths old)

There will be no catalogue for this section, so unentered animals will be accepted, however notification of entries would be appreciated to assist with marketing
Sales will be held fortnightly, in conjunction with Store Cattle sales

Calves on temporary passports cannot be offered for sale.
Cattle must be born after 1st August 1996 and cattle born after 1st January 1998 must be double-tagged.
Cattle aged 42 days and over from farms which are on a 1 or 2 year TB testing plan must have been tested within 60 days prior to the sale, and a copy of the test results must accompany the cattle to the sale.

OTM Cattle

Over thirty months cattle for the food chain
Cattle born after 1st August 1996 only

Sales of cast / feeding and OTM cattle are held fortnightly on the same day a store cattle sales.
This sale will be a 6 Day rule market.

TB Exempt Cattle

In order to increase numbers of cast cows through the mart on a Thursday we have gained a ‘TB Exempt Market’ Status from DEFRA.

This will enable us to accept for sale cows from holdings which are in a TB1 and TB2 Testing Parish without the need for producers to TB test them before sale.

Therefore with effect from Thursday 22nd May cows can be sold through the OTM ring without a pre-movement test.

However there are rules which must be adhered to as follows:

  1. All TB Exempt cattle need to be booked in with the office by Wednesday at 12 noon.
  2. All TB Exempt cattle MUST be unloaded at the DESIGNATED DOCK – namely the Bottom Door of the Calf Ring ONLY – Marked TB Exempt Cattle – Unloading.
  3. All TB Exempt Cattle must be kept separate from other cattle in the mart, and will be offered for sale through the ring at the conclusion of the OTM cattle.

We believe that this will allow producers restricted by regulations to benefit from the market system without incurring the extra cost of pre-movement testing.
For further information or to book your cattle in please ring the office or David on 07721 616786.

Farm Sales

We offer a complete service for farm sales which can be conducted on the farm or in the auction mart; to include machinery, work tools, cattle, sheep etc.
Sales can be arranged at short notice if necessary.
Distance is no object.
Full and comprehensive service and advice.

Market Rules

Sale of live animals by auction

Cattle and sheep are sold under the ‘Dedicated Slaughter Market Rules’ and are not subject to the 6 day standstill; all cattle and sheep must then go direct for slaughter. We draw your attention to the following points:-

  1. Please check ear tags of all stock and passports (if applicable). Ensure they are correct, then sign the passports.
  2. Please complete the enclosed movement document.
  3. Please complete the enclosed certificate for cleansing and disinfection of vehicles, please bring the white and pink copy to the mart and retain the yellow copy for your own records.
  4. If you have bulls and clean cattle for sale then please complete two separate sheets.
  5. If you paperwork is incorrect or missing, then you will be refused entry to the premises by DEFRA.
  6. Please have your stock at the market from 6am on a Tuesday and 7am on a Thursday.
  7. It is essential that we are notified of all entries by telephone, prior to the sale day.
  8. If your stock are Farm Assured would you please ensure that you write the number and attach your label on the movement form.
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