A Farm Machinery and Small Tools will take place at Hope.s Auction Co Ltd

There will be a complete dispersal of Machinery

Complete Dispersal of Machinery

On behalf of Messrs Scott, Norman Farm
Case JX90 Tractor (60 Reg) with Quicke Q30 Loader and Bucket, Landini Power Farm 90 Tractor (62 Reg),
Bateson 12ft Stock Trailer (as new), Marshall 1200 gallon Slurry Tanker, Vicon Fertiliser Spreader,
Welgar Round Baler, Vicon 6ft Mower, Browns Yard Scraper, Water Bowser on Wheels.

On Behalf of Messrs Baird, Sandlands
New Holland 6635 4WD, Massey 35 Tractor, NH85 Digger complete with Muck Fork, Bucket, Quick Hitch and
2 Rear Buckets, Allman Farmer 200 Sprayer, Amazone Fertiliser Spinner, Vacc Tanker x 2 Yard Scraper,
Feed Trailer, Tipping Trailer, Flat Trailer, 3 Furrow Conq Plough, 10ft Flat Roll, Zig Zag Harrow, Discs,
Silage Feeders, Post Knocker, Cattle Crush x 2, Bale Spike x 2, Hudson 10ft Cattle Trailer, Cattle Footbath, Lamb Creep, Slurry Tank Pipes, Lamb Weigher, Lamb Creeps, Calf Troughs, Sheep Ring Feeder x 2, Calf Troughs, Elec Fencing, Tractor Weights, Metal Sheep Troughs, Shedding Gate, 6ft Hurdles, 2ft Hook on Racks, Creep Hurdle, Shepherdess, Calf Milk Feeders, Sheep Netting, Gas Dehorner, Calving Aid, Elec Sheep Clippers, Knapsack, Petrol Generator, Bag Weigher, Rollover Crate, Sawdust Barrow, 15ft Gate, Dairy Sinks, Milk Churn, Pressure Washer, Car Trailer, Table Saw, Makita Stone Saw, Chainsaw, Wooden Posts, Drainage Pipe, Ifor Williams Truck Top and Quantity of Workshop Tools and Livestock Sundries.

Inputs: Massey Ferguson MF148 Tractor, International 584 Tractor T Reg
Triple Gang Mower, Subsoiler, 10ft Grays Flat Roll, Ferguson Grubbers, Hardi 12m Sprayer,
16’ Folding Grass Harrows, Grass Topper, Lely Haybob, Belmark 4.5m³ Muck Spreader, 56 Bale Carrier, Lely Hayzip, Sanderson 2m Muck Grab, Fraser 5t Tipping Trailer c/w silage sides, Amazon 2A-F 604R Fertiliser Spinner, 3t Tipping Trailer, Calf Hutches, 6 X 10’ Walk Through Troughs, Sheep Shed System to hold 100 Ewes to include Walk Through Troughs and Barriers, 3 x 15’9” Free Standing Sheep Barrier, 2 x Big Bale Feeders, Transport Box, Muck Grab, Harrows, Troughs, New Gates, Hurdles, Footbath, Grain Augers, SsangYong Rexton Jeep (2007)

Collective Entries Invited.

Please contact David Bowman for further information on 07721 616786.