Sheep Record Keeping​

Reading and recording of EID sheep tags.
All elements of record keeping including movement books, movement licences, sheep census forms, medicine purchase records and medicine use records. Also electronic sheep tag reader and printer available to hire.

Cattle Record Keeping​

All elements of record keeping including movement books, registering the birth of calves, registering cattle movements with BCMS, medicine purchase records and medicine use records.

VAT Returns​

Completion of quarterly VAT returns and submission of figures to HMRC.

Farm Assurance Paperwork​

Completion of records to show compliance with Farm Assurance Standards, to include Beef and Sheep Herd Health Plans, Emergency Contingency Plans etc.

General Secretarial Services​

Typing letters and general correspondence which you need to complete to allow the smooth running of your farm business.

Trailer Test Training Courses

If you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997 you will need to take another test to be able to drive a vehicle and trailer over 750kg. Hopes Farm Bureau Service in association with John Ravell Driver Training are pleased to be able to offer the training required to take this test.

Training Courses​

Courses organised as and when required to help you comply with current regulations. Please contact us for details of current courses such as:

  • Spraying Courses - PA1, PA2 and PA6 Spraying courses available.
  • Rodent Control Courses - To enable you to purchase rat bait.
  • Sheep Dipping Courses - This course enables you to purchase sheep dip and use the dip safely.
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